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About MBS

Members Benefit Services is discount dental plan serving Tyler Texas and the Smith/Gregg area

We provide discounts for orthodontics, vision care, hearing needs, weight loss management, and also for legal services. Members Benefit Services is a discounted plan - not to be mistaken for insurance.

Advantages of Members Benefit Services:


  • Identification card
  • Dental procedures and prices are known in advance
  • A true 35-60% reduction in dental expenses
  • Pre-existing conditions are covered
  • Immediate use upon enrollment
  • No deductables
  • No claim forms
  • Everyone can qualify
  • Children are included are no extra charge

    Using Member Benefit Services

    Simply identify yourself as a member with your ID card at time of services rendered.


    Membership Fees

    Annual membership per family for one adult is just $50*. Annual membership per family for two adults is just $75*.

    * Plus a one-time $25 enrollment fee.

    Discount Dental Plan!

    This plan offers you and your family a complete scope of coverage:

    Preventative Services, Restoration Services, Surgical Services, Dentures, Implants, Dental Sleep Apnea Therapy, Conscious Sedation and I.V. Sedation.


    We also offer Pediactric and Orthodontic Services

    Most providers accept Medicaid/Chips


    Vision Care

    Save 15-25% off eye care using our preferred plan providers.


    Select from several licensed Chiropractors and save up to 60% for chiropractic services.


    Braces are discounted on the plan up to 15% off the usual and customary rate.

    Legal Services

    Quality legal protection, discounted attorney fees as much as 25% off.

    Hearing Needs

    Our providers offer discounts on everyday low prices.

    Weight Management

    You can shed those extra pounds for up to 15% off of our providers weight loss program.
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